Altiplano Minerals Ltd. (APN: TSX-V) is a mineral exploration company focused on evaluating and acquiring projects with significant potential for advancement from discovery through to production, in Canada and abroad. Management has a successful track record of investing in undervalued assets, adding value through technical and market expertise; and delivering returns to shareholders. Altiplano is in the process of acquiring Demetra Minerals Inc., which owns a mining lease for a gypsum (calcium sulphate) deposit known as the Ana Sofia property, located in in Argentina, with intent to build significant reserves to supply the agri-minerals market in South America.

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Altiplano Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: APN) (“APN” or the “Company”) announces t...
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Altiplano Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: APN) (“APN” or the “Company”) announces t...